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Japanese-Nepali for Andoroid With Ads Without Ads
Release of Nepali language self-study materials
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Our Corporate Policy

UNOES (Universal Net Optimization Net Service) (P.) Ltd. is a foreign-board-invested and non-political, non-religious, non-military commercial and online-business private institute, legally registered under the Companies Acts of the government of Nepal, absolutely subject to only legitimate linguistic and IT business dealings, which is obliged to render high-quality and professional service at reasonable prices in pursuit of being outsourced so that the institute could contribute to bridging and optimizing multi-language backgrounds into our clients objectives in a global scale.
UNOES is also obliged to keep training the locals directly or through online to be more useful in a dignified manner. This ensures that our clients get reliable and quality services from us and local personnels at cost far more acceptable than other professional counterparts in your country.

Local Resources

UNOES offers you the best service, in order to bring all the parties involved the most efficient and satisfactory results, by carefully coordinating your project and connecting you with the best local allied agencies with a wide range of skills that are readily available in this country and UNOES believes that this is exactly what our company has aimed, namely universal optimization.
UNOES also encourages the locals with good skills to work with us. Our training and job opportunity not only helps our staffs financially but also creates a friendly environment for our clients to communicate and share their words with us.

Cost Effective

UNOES recognizes that your ultimate goal of such offshore and outsourced dealings must be just low cost with good qualities. But smooth communication is a key.
UNOES has great command of English, Hindi, Nepali and Japanese, and the full knowledge of cultural uniqueness of this country so that UNOES could tactfully bridge the gap over with you. Professional foreign minds and readily available trained locals is also the secret of our superior service at cost that will certainly please you.
Just message us to believe. Have a question? Feel free to email us at

Company Info

UNOES Universal Net Optimization Net Service (P.) Ltd.
CEO Yoichiro Uno
Established Since 2068/8/11 (2011/11/27 or H23/11/27)
Registration NO. 87855/068/069 registered on 2068/8/1 (2011/11/17)
Permanent Account NO. 600026118 registered on 2068/8/2 (2011/11/18)
Postal Address since 12/11/16: Dhapakhel V.D.C. 08, Ka (Rumichong), House No. 59, Lalitpur, Nepal
Tel & Fax +977-15574241
Capital NRs 11,200,000-
The bank UNOES deals with Himalayan Bank limited Satdobato Branch
Address Satdobato Chowk Lalitpur +977-1-5526345
Account Number 036 03808330013
Account Name UNOES
Account Type Current Account NPR


UNOES has a well-trained and professional team of translation. Their work ranges from transwordation to translation between English, Nepalese, Hindi and Japanese, in various avenues and subjects.
UNOES also has allied with many local translating individuals and companies so that UNOES could carefully coordinate your project and complete it to your satisfaction on time at reasonable cost.
UNOES highly esteems that such language optimizations is significantly vital to our all human society.

Languages to handle

UNOES has great command of English, Japanese, Nepalese and Hindi.


UNOES does its best to offer you offshore price. Feel free to ask with us.

Skype Language Tutoring

UNOES provides various ways of learning Japanese and Nepalese languages and one of them is the Skype tutoring that is the easiest but the most effective way sitting at your home desk at your convenient time. You can access the excellent tuition provided by UNOES without having to be in our class rooms. By using video-conferencing technologies, it is possible for our tutors to teach students located anywhere in Nepal or the rest of the world, to interact with them and supervise them, as effectively as if they were here in our class rooms. All our courses and services are available through Skype as well as in a classroom. A monthly one-hour class usually has one to 3 students.

Features and advantages

UNOES tuition requires an internet connection, a computer, webcam, microphone, and speakers of you. The software required is free and can be downloaded from the internet. Because you see, hear, and speak to the tutor in real time, it feels almost as if you are here in our class rooms. The experience is not exactly the same, of course, but there are some distinct advantages: – you can enroll for a full-time course at UNOES without the upheaval and inconvenience of having to move to our place – tutorials take place in the comfort of your own home – you don’t have to waste time travelling to tutorials each day – you can have additional tuition in the evenings to supplement your work at school whichever school you are at and wherever you live


UNOES has various curriculums that fit in anyone’s goal according to his/her needs. Basically one hour a week and 4 times a month grading beginners class, medium class and upper class. Feel free to ask with us.


Please click here for details about our language class rate.

Software Development

UNOES and allied members have great command of various programming languages such as: C, C++, C#, Objective-C, Java, PHP and Visual Basic. .NET is also a specialty. So we will back you up in developing any software project as outsourced from overseas.
UNOES takes the positive lead in coordinating tasks with top-class professionals and providing specifications and satisfactory products with you, especially communicating in English, Japanese, Nepalese and Hindi, and monitoring the proceedings, and not using trainees.


Outsourcing enables you to see the results at very reasonable prices. For it can vary according to the size and estimated time of each project. Feel free to consult us.

Web Design

UNOES and allied membershave its own well-trained team to develop web designs by using DreamWeaver or other HTML editors at very low cost. UNOES especially has high command of the knowledge of SEO (Search Engine Optimization). Within several months, your website will be hit by browsers on top pages by applying dozens of methods and well-maintained. UNOES can provide various templates of HTML and its colorful and attractive designs.


500 to 800 USD for a website project. And it varies according to the conditions such as size, contents, skills required. Extra charge will be imposed on multi-language, each update and other special development on JavaScript programs or GIF/ flash animations. Just message us to believe. Have a question? Feel free to email us at