Skype Language Tutoring

■Nepali Language Skype Tuition

Dated on May 29, 2020

Main Curriculum and its Goal

*The most advanced way of shadowing (echoing) has been adopted in practices and drills, bringing you closest to native sound and training you to be a ready working power on the field.  The materials used vary according to your level.  Each class is requested to record for your personal note.  There are 3 courses as follows:

  • Beginner’s Class: Mastering Nepali letters, pronunciations, figures, basic verb conjugation, basic daily conversation; Studying a Nepali brochure;
  • Middle Class: Another 1 or two brochures will be covered; focused on practical use of verb conjugation; mastering daily conversation and training listening ability;
  • Upper Grade: Mastering a literature; reinforcing the ability of giving a discourse;

Apps You Can Use

The video-conferencing apps you can use are:

  • Skype
  • Zoom
  • Viper
  • Or anything you would prefer using.  But we usually recommend Zoom for it makes less use of bandwidth esp. when attendees including our Native teleworking staffs become a multiple.

■Time and Day

55 minutes a class; weekly; Time and day are discussed and arranged beforehand. We adjust the time as much as possible.

■Basic Fee

a 55 minute class (weekly)
Number of student One Two Three
USD 17 21 25

■A Trial Class

The first class you begin with is free. So you can see how it goes and then continue if you like.


A set contains:

  • A PDF file for basic Skype tuition.
  • A PDF file for verb conjugation table.
  • A PDF file for daily conversation.
  • Any text you’d like to use.


The fees are paid based on how many classes you had or will have in the period you prefer to learn. You can remit the fee on a lump sum payment of several months, or monthly single payment but it is preferable for us to get paid before the classes will be conducted, so that the both parties can avoid hustles in payment.

Sorry that we have no PayPal or credit payment provision so far.

Bank account info.


As for schedule changes, we try our best to adjust our class schedule according to your request.  In case, though, the change calls for a cancellation, still you don’t normally have to count the cancelled class as a pay one if you notified us of it at least one week before or if it was due to your any unexpected matter or any reason from our side.  However, any last-minute cancellation or frequent one is exempted from it, so you will adjust the amount on your next remittance.

■For Inquiry or Request

Feel free to ask us by e-mailing us HERE