UNOES furnishes translation services primarily for four languages, Nepalese (including local languages), Japanese, and English. Speed and accuracy is possible through well-trained translation teams that include natives. Our reasonable prices are possible because of our offshore outsourcing work.
   Expert coordinators manage the entire process to assure that the translation tasks are carefully carried out. By paying close attention to the details any specific needs or prerequisites that are needed due to differences between nations can be minimized or eliminated.

Corresponding fields

Details Notes
Business, economy, finance, science, chemistry, education, history, culture, environment, energy, medical, medicine, law, contract, certificates, IT, electronics, machinery, media, tourism, literary art, entertainment, etc. We do not accept any translation task related to political, religious or military affair due to our international stand of neutrality.


The work process up to the delivery

  1. Inquiry / order
  2. Coordinating
  3. First translation
  4. Proofreading by native(s)
  5. Cross-checking
  6. Reviewing
  7. Final checking
  8. Delivery


Estimated fee

Feel free to ask us HERE.

Company’s standard as to difficulty

Difficulty Proofreading Contents
1st translation, proofreading once, review General, private notes, letters, etc.
1st translation, proofreading twice, crosschecking, review Certificates, business documents, internal documents, manuals, etc.
1st translation, proofreading three times, crosschecking, review Contract forms, professional certificates, patents, medical, etc.


Approximate delivery date

Japanese words Business days
~2,000 1~4
~10,000 4~7
~30,000 10~15
~50,000 16~21
~80,000 28~32



In what form is your estimation be made?
Please inquire us from HERE. An assigned coordinator corresponds with you to fully understand the details of your job by exchanging emails or video-chatting, and then he/she will send you a detailed and highly cost-efficient quotation.


In what format should the files or texts be sent?
UNOES deals with any digital format. You can email us as attached if they are under 2~3MB and you can upload to the third-party cloud that we will specify with when bigger.


How do you calculate your quotations?
We usually calculate our quotations based on source words and word unit. In addition, such factors as text contents, forms, difficulty, quality and number of proofreading, delivery date, etc. will be put into consideration.


What information is needed for the quotation?

Usually, our coordinator will ask you about the following information:

  1. The detailed contents of the original scripts, the source and target language, and the type of translation.
  2. The use after the translation.
  3. The amount of the translation.
  4. The format or style of the material.
  5. The expected delivery date and time.


When will the job be delivered?
This depends on the length of the document, what language to be translated, etc., yet we try our best to fulfill our customers’ requested delivery date.


Is there a minimum order size or price?
There is no specific minimum order size or similar, and we do accept any job whenever possible. Just feel free to ask us.


For rush jobs, what is your fastest delivery time?
This depends on the contents and the required accuracy. So, just tell us about the details. We will do our best to fulfill your request.


Can you accept hand-writings?
Yes, off course. Yet, we first tape it and transcribe it. So again we need to apply one rank up difficulty even to a simple writing. Please let us first know what you want us to translate.


Can I request changes before a translation order is completed?
We accept it no matter how many times the changes are made without any additional charge.


What is your fee for page-layout adjustment?
We accept it at 8 USD/a page. It will be cheaper on a large project.


How about after the job done?
The normal fee according to the number of the modified words as the minimum extra charge – 25 USD without tax included – will be charged.


Can you issue a translation certificate?
Yes, we can. In that case, one costs you 45 USD without tax included as a handling charge.


How about issuing bill or receipt?
Yes, we can too, provided that it is in the digital form. If you really need its original, we can send it via international postal delivery service as freight collect plus 30 USD per a bill or a receipt will be charged as a handling charge.